You need proper installation for a quality roof

Our insulated roofing sheets are only one example of the excellent products that can help you with your project. We have sheeting and accessories suitable for domestic, industrial, or agricultural uses. As a result we can support various clients. In addition, we have 30+ years of industry experience so we can help you achieve something brilliant.


A roof is arguably the most important part of a structure. Without it, everything inside would be left exposed to the outdoors. It assists with drainage and acts as insulation for both heat and noise too. Taking the right care helps you achieve longevity. This starts when installing the roof.

Proper Care

It is of paramount importance that you take care when designing the roof and installing it. This will provide your structure with the long term protection it needs. Proper installation will ensure that it serves its purpose and remains in place.

A good design and quality installation means you don’t have to worry about a roof collapse. Therefore you can be confident that the contents are safe. Quality work is less likely to need a time consuming or costly repair either. Instead, you should have a reliable surface.

You can also achieve effective drainage of water with proper installation. This is much better than it leaking into the structure and causing damage to the walls and other areas.

High Grade Products

Along with careful fitting, you need to make sure the products themselves are high quality. When you also use the right accessories, it will help you do a great job and provide your structure with a stable and reliable roof.

Insulated roofing sheets

Peter Wragge Supplies Ltd can assist you with your project through our premier, affordable selection of products. This includes insulated roofing sheets and fixings to help you achieve a secure fit. We only supply quality items so buy with complete confidence.

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