You can place insulation in your roofs and walls

We are a company that provides a slew of helpful products, including insulated panels. The panelling is very popular because you can use them with contemporary modular building techniques. In addition to being durable, the board panels are easy to work with. That means you can save time on projects.

By now, most people will know about diminishing fossil fuels. There is also the ensuing requirement for everyone to save energy and reduce CO2 emissions. Luckily, there is a cheap and easy way of lowering a house’s carbon footprint. This is to use high amounts of insulation in floors, walls, and roofs. With it you retain the warmth and your energy usage on heating shrinks.

Add insulation to the roof

You lose between one quarter and one third of your home’s heat via the roof. Despite this, it is the easiest location to install your insulation. There is a decent chance that the roof space already has some in place. However, it could have declined over time. It would be wise to install entirely new insulation if this is the case. Insulated panels are a great option that are easy to work with.

Cavity walls

Insulated panels
Straw and insulated panels

People install insulation inside their walls as well. Your house could have been built after the 1920s. If so, it may have cavity walls. In other words, there is an opening of between 50mm and 100mm between the two layers of the wall. The gap’s purpose is to improve the weather resistance. By filling it with insulation, you will also significantly lower the level of heat escaping via the walls. This means you can keep the house cooler when it is warm and restrict condensation.

At Peter Wragge Supplies, we supply our insulation in many forms. You might want rigid plastic foamed insulated panels. On the other hand, the situation could require non-rigid solutions like universal wool. We stock lots of different types for you to choose from.

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