Why should I choose the corrugated option?

It has been a long thirty years for us, during which we’ve supplied customers with all sorts of quality materials. Our tile form sheeting is popular because it is cost effective and suitable for various projects. The sheets are contemporary, offering several benefits over traditional materials. As such, they are a product you’ll want to consider using yourself.

During the process of selecting roof materials, everyone tends to go for what’s most familiar to them. This includes flat coverings and tiles. However, other viable options can be better in particular scenarios. What we are going to do here is discuss using corrugated roofing sheets.

The positives

One of the main reasons people prefer these materials is they are strong. The composition alone can make it more robust than flat materials. In addition, the sheets have a plethora of finishes. A possible choice would be the galvanised steel sheet. Normally, they act as the base substance for a multitude of sheets, such as PVC plastisol coated ones, or those covered with polyester paint. Typically, we utilise them with a covering since the steel can turn dull.

Consider the environment

You can usually find polyester painted sheets on agricultural structures. They are ideal due to their low maintenance needs and medium-length lifespan. If you use them in an environment with minimal pollution, you can extend the life expectancy.

It is wise to consider the potential for scratching. This could ruin the aesthetics as well as increasing the risk that the substrate will corrode. Luckily it is easy to paint materials to protect them. The smartest approach to minimise the risk of scratching is to fit the sheets in a way that prevents them from rubbing against one another.

At Peter Wragge Supplies, our tile form sheeting comes in two finishes; long lasting plastisol and polyester painted. Because we provide them in various colours, it’s easy to find something that matches up with your existing building.

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