Why sheets are corrugated

Our corrugated sheets are one of many roofing products with a design you can rely on. They are high quality while being affordable so that everyone can achieve first class results with their project. The sheeting has excellent qualities, making it a great thing to add to your structure.

A Premier Product

While metal is already a durable material, corrugation helps to increase the tensile strength of the sheet. It can then withstand more loads and impacts like wind, rain, and hail. The sheets have a high strength-to-weight ratio, making installation easy. This is as well as allowing for a waterproof lap at joints to channel and drain water effectively.

Materials expand and contract when temperatures change. Corrugated panels account for this and will allow for these changes. Flat roofing on the other hand would show a lot of warping and waviness. Flat sheets are also harder to lay as you need them perfect. If you do not do this they would show the slightest flaw and make the surface look poor.

Beneficial Use

Corrugated panels have long been a popular choice for commercial and agricultural buildings. More people are now using them in the residential sector and for siding. They are resistant to moisture and rot, as well as fire and pest damage.

The corrugated sheets allows for quick erection of improvised structures as well as being great to use on carefully thought out buildings. This means that they work well on different types of structures, whether for an industrial building or DIY garden shed.

Part of our work is advising people as we enjoy sharing our knowledge with others. We can discuss our products in relation to your work to help you achieve a great outcome.

We are also proud of the selection of supplies that we offer people. Items like corrugated sheets will give your structure strength and are easy to use. Contact Peter Wragge Supplies Ltd now at 01449 737192 if you want to talk about your needs with us.