Why is insulated cladding so popular?

With a history that spans three decades, our company is one that has always come through for its clients. Specialising in such products as metal cladding, we only stock merchandise that is guaranteed to please you. Possessing unmatched durability and strength, our products are some of the best on the market.

Insulated wall and roof cladding panels are comprised of a rigid insulation layer that is placed in the middle of two metal skins. The final result is a lightweight, strong and stiff panel that possesses minimal thermal conductivity. By merging insulation, weather and liner sheets into one single unit, the time it takes to install your cladding on site is reduced dramatically.

In contrast to built-up systems a spacer system isn’t necessary with these products. This is because the rigid insulation has enough strength to maintain the panel’s thickness. Any loads administered onto the cladding’s plane are moved from the external sheet through two adhesive bonds, the insulation layer to the internal sheet, and the supporting complex.

When it comes to the insulated panels, polyisocyanurate (PIR) is the material that is typically used in their construction. This substance expands at very quick rates when you spray it onto the metal profile and manages to bond to it without the assistance of an adhesive. These characteristics make PIR the ideal choice for the continuous manufacturing methods that are employed by some of the larger insulated panel manufacturers.

In addition, the facing and inner sheets used for insulated panels share some similarities with the weather and liner sheets used in build up systems. The only difference is that the profile’s shape isn’t that vital in terms of panel strength and stiffness, thanks to the composite action between the insulation layer and two skins.

At Peter Wragge Supplies our metal cladding is able to stand up to abrasion and the knocks that one encounters whilst developing their structure. We are committed to providing the very best products and also assist clients with handling them, ensuring they take great care to minimise damage.

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