Why are corrugated roofs so popular?

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Peter Wragge Supplies is a successful business that aims to satisfy customers by offering an assortment of quality roofing products. The collection we have includes fibre cement, aluminium, and steel corrugated sheets, and more. Every type of sheeting we offer is durable so you can expect a long life. You can also rely on us to deliver them to nearly every location in the country.

For various homeowners, corrugated steel roofing sheets are a popular choice. A number of people choose to switch to them because of the advantages they provide. Once you read a bit more about them, you might discover that they are better for you too.

A quiet sheet that removes water build-up

To begin with, the sheets are quiet and can remove water build-up. It is always preferable to build this form of roofing on a slope so that water can run downwards. This will lead it safely away from your home.

Certain homeowners may hesitate to install the sheets. This is because they believe it shall boost the sound created by the rain. This isn’t the case however. There is zero sound difference between contemporary metal roofing sheets and standard clay tile or shingle roofs.

Long lasting

Because they are metal, it is no surprise that these sheets last. A roof of corrugated aluminium or steel sheeting will last for years. In many instances, they can serve their owners for over a hundred years. More importantly, over time you won’t have to do much maintenance either. It is very minimal if you think about it. You might need to give it a coat of paint but that won’t take a lot of time or effort.

Lightweight and tough

Another positive of these sheets is they are tough and lightweight at the same time. Corrugated roofs are incredibly light, durable, and flexible. This is why countless property owners prefer to use them. Due to their low weight, the sheeting is relatively easy to install and handle. This also means it doesn’t place any unnecessary pressure on the structure of your building.

Corrugated sheets can handle the weather

The sheets are capable of enduring unfavourable weather conditions as well. In fact, they can survive in all conditions. Expect them to cope well with torrential rain, hailstorms, thunderstorms, and frost. When you install them correctly, they shall offer you shelter and a protective barrier. There is another added benefit of it not rusting too.

Rot proofing

Last but not least, corrugated metal roofs don’t rot. It is a different story for other roofing materials. After you install the sheeting, it will look just like new for years to come. The majority of these metals have a protective chemical coating that prevents algae from forming.

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