Which projects are most suitable for my outdoor fixings?

As the years have passed, we have supplied countless customers with top calibre building materials and components. Stocking an impressive variety of products, including the likes of steel fixings, we strive to find the perfect solution for each client. Made to last and available at very reasonable prices, our products are the ones you can rely on.

There is a multitude of fixings in existence and which ones you use are determined by the nature of your project. One question that many people tend to ask is under what circumstances galvanised and other outdoor screws should be utilised. In order to find the answer, we must first look into these fixings and examine their characteristics.

As the name implies, galvanised nails and screws are zinc-coated fixings that have been through the galvanisation procedure. What this process does is provide them with a protective layer of sorts, giving them a heightened resistance to corrosion. Properties such as these make the screws an ideal choice for exterior endeavours. Because of this, builders and homeowners alike use them in locales that may end up wet.

Projects like decking, fencing and roofing are all applications where using these zinc covered fixings is wise because they aren’t going to rust in the rain. This makes them an invaluable commodity in the UK as the rain is a frequent visitor here. The zinc coat functions as a sacrificial anode and deteriorates before the metal within.

Stainless steel screws are also a fantastic pick in terms of outdoor fixings. They possess properties that aid them in enduring the weather, being particularly useful in heavy rains. These attributes make them another prime candidate for projects in the UK.

At Peter Wragge Supplies, we offer an exhaustive array of steel fixings for both single skin and insulated applications onto timber or steel purlins. Our screws are coated with zinc mechanically using a dichromate passivation for extra protection. Additionally, we also include special high performance coatings with certain merchandise.

If you feel that our products would be useful to you and would like more details on them, you’re welcome to ask us any questions you might have.