What you need to know about the use of insulated panels

The insulated panels that we stock are for your benefit. Like the other products that we supply, they are ideal for use in many sectors, whether it is industrial, domestic or commercial. This enables us to provide quality items and premier services to all the clients who require them.

Retaining Valuable Heat

People are highly aware of heat transmission and methods to reduce loss. This includes ensuring that there is adequate insulation where you need it. There are plenty of different materials to choose from, suiting the array of potential requirements. You can use them in various kinds of buildings from different sectors and DIY structures. Then you will obtain the right insulation value with an aesthetic finish.


Normal building materials rarely provide good insulation when used alone. This is where our panels come in. You can use them to add a secondary layer to various surfaces, especially roofs. They even help to reduce solar gains when temperatures outside are high.

These panels have outstanding properties, being both lightweight and durable. Installation is a breeze too as it does not take long and is easy to do. This is a product that is resistant to heat and cold whilst being eco-friendly. When you want to avoid high energy use, this is what you should be using.


As we have already said, these panels are versatile. They improve efficiency in an array of different buildings. This can include factories, warehouses, commercial showrooms, offices and housing. When you take care with the handling and installation, you can achieve great results that last.

For anything from a DIY project to large scale professional building, you can depend on Peter Wragge Supplies Ltd. With items like our insulated panels and profiles we are sure to fulfil your needs for the project. We have a large stock, ensuring we can cater for big orders.

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