What would be the ideal flashing depth?

For as long as we can remember, the purpose of our business has been to supply clients with top of the range building products. Within our collection, you can find the likes of flashings and gutters, as well as a multitude of other utensils, all of which are designed specifically for use with your premises. Available for a fair price, you will want to keep a sharp eye on the merchandise we have.

As you might expect, we get quite a lot of questions from customers relating to our materials, including enquiries about what flashing depth would be required for a wall. If you happen to be cutting a fresh chase into the mortar that lies in the middle of the pair of brickwork courses, the measurement you’ll typically witness is 25mm (1″). This is recommended as the base for all lead flashings to be placed in a chase.

Something to consider though is that the 25mm depth is roughly a quarter of your mortar’s width. This is suitable until such a time when your brickwork starts to turn wobbly. Such a situation can manifest for a number of reasons, and should be appraised prior to choosing this depth as your favoured option.

On aged chimneys and constructs, it’s easy for your mortar to become sandy or loose. The more extensive your cut, the greater the chance your bricks will loosen. The bond and brawn of the bricks around your lintels and windows could be jeopardised, resulting in them detaching with ease. Even with up to date builds, the inaccessible or rear brickwork face could have a sizeable gap, and a 25mm removal from the front face may prove unconstructive.

At Peter Wragge Supplies, our flashings and gutters might be both practical and versatile, but they also work wonders when it comes to amplifying a building’s aesthetics. Furthermore, our offerings are also designed so that they can function in unison with some of our other products, such as our cladding and roofing merchandise for example.

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