What is so great about insulated roofing sheets?

Our company assists customers by supplying a variety of roof products. This includes insulated roofing sheets. They are among the most versatile goods in our collection so you can use them in all kinds of projects. Moreover, we can deliver to almost anywhere in the UK.

Insulated sheeting can make structures more energy efficient. The sheets do this in a cost effective and practical way. They keep buildings warmer in winter and cooler in summer. Furthermore, the insulation could lower condensation. This can offer you health benefits by minimising damp and mould. As you can see, there are many advantages to using them. Below, you can find explanations of some more significant ones.


The first main advantage is cost effectiveness. With poorly insulated roofing, you can lose 25% of the heat. Because of the loss, you will end up spending more on energy bills. The sheets are energy efficient and also supply swift construction. This drives down the overall operation and installation costs. It also saves you money on the bills.


How long the sheets last is another important advantage. Metal components can last far longer than other materials do. In addition, they age much better. Our insulated roofing sheets are made of top tier materials and meet rigorous quality control standards. This ensures long term service life and reliability.


Insulated roofing sheets
Straw and insulated panels

Finally, we have how easy they are to handle and install. Classic roofs have a myriad of components and layers. As such, they are more labour intensive and harder to install. It is the other way around with the sheets though. You can cut and install them very quickly.

At Peter Wragge Supplies, we like to keep customers happy. As a result, we offer an exceptional service from start to finish. If you can’t decide on a product we can suggest the right one for your needs. In addition, we deliver quickly and can offer advice about everything from handling to installation.

If you require insulated roofing sheets, please get in touch. We are a reputable supplier with clients from various sectors.