What insulation is available for pitched roofs?

In order to keep clients happy, we supply them with an impressive array of ultra-modern building merchandise. Insulation systems are at the very front of our collection, being some of our most popular offerings of all. With such products at our disposal, we can meet even the most distinct customer requirements. If your current set up isn’t giving you the desired results, then it may be time for a replacement.

The kind of insulation you should go for will be determined by the roof you have. For example, if you are the owner of a pitched design, you shall be presented with two options. The first is cold loft insulation and the second is warm loft.

Which type of insulation should I use?

Of the two, cold loft insulation is the cheapest and easiest to work with. It is positioned between and over the wooden joists, right above your top floor’s ceiling. It can prevent heat from leaving your house’s living space. However, the loft room will stay un-insulated. This means that it’ll be cold in the winter months and shall warm up again once summer arrives. If you are okay with installing everything yourself, you’ll be glad to hear that cold loft insulation is very DIY friendly.

If the above isn’t a viable choice, then you should look into the warm loft design. Here, the insulation is situated straight beneath the roof in the plane of its slope. Not only will heat loss be restricted, but also, your loft won’t reach extreme temperatures during summer and winter. Just remember that ventilation shall have to be placed below your roof tiles to stop water or condensation from affecting them.

At Peter Wragge Supplies, apart from retaining heat, our insulation systems are also capable of diminishing solar gains in hot weather. To prevent facing or creasing, every board needs to be handled by someone wearing protective gloves.

If our systems interest you and you’d like further information about them, feel free to contact us whenever you’d like.