What contributes towards a roof panel’s structural performance?

As a specialist supplier of top quality roof products we stock an impressive array of merchandise. This includes the likes of roofing sheets and composite panels, ideal for when work needs to be completed on roofs and walls. Fully compatible with our PWS accessories, which include fixings, flashings and sealants, the panels and sheets in our inventory are ones you can rely on.

The structural performance of the roof panel is dependent on its two metal facings and the core acting in unison so that they form a composite element. Generally, the panel’s composite strength when secured to supports at spacings of around 2 metres is more than enough to stand against regular wind, snow, and construction loadings.

During any project that is being undertaken the structural engineer is the one who holds responsibility for specifying and defining the support centres and loadings for the cladding. The uttermost purlin spacing relies upon the roof panel’s spanning prowess.

Consideration is best given in those places where snow drifting might happen, such as in valleys or behind parapets, and in locales where wind uplift loads could be substantial. In scenarios such as these, it is highly likely that fastener strength will be imperative.

Something else that is immensely vital with roof panels is temperature loading. The reason why is due to the fact that it can result in thermal blow across the width and along the length of the panel between fixing. This creates substantially lower levels of stress in the facings. Normally, darker colours are able to reach greater temperatures and magnify the thermal blowing effect.

At Peter Wragge Supplies our composite panels make use of the most up to date technology. As a result they can match up to today’s building regulations. When merged together with a lightweight index, the structural stability of our products delivers the optimum performance demanded from any other design.

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