Using secondary insulation to boost energy performance

The best way to maximise the energy efficiency of industrial buildings is to ensure that each and every material used delivers high performance. This is particularly true in terms of the materials placed on the roof. The roofing is a major source of heat loss and the materials that are used can make the difference between an energy efficient property and one that is consuming a lot of resources to stay warm or cool.

Generally the best materials to use for roofing are composites. Single sheets, whether they are steel, plastic, asphalt, or even cement, typically can’t meet the level of energy performance offered by a composite. This is because the combination of materials helps to improve the characteristics. As a result most roofs are now made from an upper layer with secondary insulation systems unless a composite with integrated insulation is used from the outset.

A wide array of different types of secondary materials can be used to boost installation. These include rock wool, fibreglass, and plastic foam boards. They can be rigid or flexible, meaning that options are available to suit different roofing specifications.

When installing a secondary insulation system it is important that the material is uniform. That means it must be the same thickness at every point. If there are any areas where it isn’t it could cause colder spots and mean the property is not as energy efficient as it could be. When the insulating materials need to be cut to size it is important that the thickness is not affected.

At Peter Wragge Supplies we understand the year round benefits that quality insulation can offer. In winter it keeps heat trapped within the property and reduces the amount of energy that is consumed for heating. In summer the thicker materials can reduce solar gain, helping to keep the property cool. This in turn reduces energy consumption on air conditioning and fans.

If you want to purchase high quality insulation systems for industrial roofs we have a great selection of products for you to choose from. As part of the service we help clients to select the right ones for their needs.