Useful tips for installing insulated roofing sheets

In the past the one goal with a roof was to ensure it was watertight. Today though, there are far more requirements. As well as preventing water from entering the property, roofs have to prevent heat from escaping. On top of that they need to stop solar gain and must be aesthetically pleasing. One of the best materials to choose here is insulated roofing sheets. They can tick all of these boxes and provide lots of benefits.

If you do choose to use the sheeting there are a number of things to keep in mind. Below are some of our top tips.


The great thing about the sheets is you can usually install them right away. However, if you do need to store them beforehand this should only be for a short time. You also need to ensure they remain dry and in good condition. It is wise to stand them on wooden bearers so they are not on the floor.


In most projects you will need specialist lifting equipment to handle the insulated roofing sheets. This can be necessary to unload them from a vehicle, move them into storage, and get them onto the roof for installation. You should only use appropriate equipment here and ensure you lift the sheets properly to avoid damaging them.


You need to install the sheeting so it has support from the purlins. They must be positioned correctly, have a sufficient bearing surface, and provide an adequate bearing for the sheets.


One of the best advantages of this sheeting is the insulation is already in place, generally between a liner panel and top sheet. That means faster installation. However, there can be cases where there is excess insulating material bulging from the side and ends laps. It is important to remove this before installation so it does not affect the fit. Luckily it should be simple to trim it back.


It is crucial that you use the right type of fasteners to install the panels. They must be the right material and the correct specification. Always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines. You also need to ensure you have enough fasteners to account for the wind loads.

Final checks

Once you install the insulated roofing sheets you need to do a number of checks to make sure everything is correct. Firstly you need to make sure the fixings are tight but not so much that they distort the sheet. Then you need to look at the positioning to ensure all sheets overlap properly. Finally, you need to look for minor surface damages. It is a good idea to fix scratches now so there is no risk of corrosion.

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