Tips if you are looking to paint corrugated roofing

Corrugated roofing is a sensible choice when you are completing a building project. It is hard wearing and affordable, making it particularly useful for DIYers.

Taking care of the sheets can keep your surface in excellent shape for years and years. To get the best results you need to ensure correct initial installation, must keep up with cleaning, and should add a layer of paint if possible. You do not have to paint often; every 10 years should be enough to keep it protected unless there is any damage.

Start With The Right Surface

The first thing you need to do is deal with any dirt or debris on the roof. This can stop the paint applying effectively and can make the finished result look very poor.

After this you should use a primer because it will help prepare the surface. You are more likely to see solvent-based products but you can find acrylic-based primers too. You should follow the manufacturer’s instructions when applying it to corrugated roofing.

A Lick Of Paint

Now you can start painting the roofing. Your choice of paint should consider the weather conditions and the position of the roof. There are types that are more suited for surfaces that will be exposed to direct sunlight and those better for areas with lots of shade.

The sheet manufacturer almost always includes instructions on the thickness and how many coats. You should paint evenly and allow it to dry before adding a new coat.

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