Tips for using insulated roofing sheets

Our insulated roofing sheets are simple to use. You can cut them to shape if the job requires you to do this and they will be ready to put in place quickly. As a result it won’t take long for you to be able to finish the work on your structure. If you are looking for a great buying experience and quality sheeting, you can always turn to Peter Wragge for expert advice on the subject.


You should be storing your sheets out of harm’s way until you are ready to use them. This will offer protection from potential damage and stop you from bumping into them when completing other work. Use a level spot for storage, try to cover them with a loose tarp, and stack them with the lacquered facings together. Make sure you use protective gloves when handling them in case the edges are sharp.

Attaching To Your Structure

Take your time coming up with a plan for installation before you start. Then make sure you set the sheets carefully. Remember to use proper sealants and flashing for your structure where necessary. You should not be afraid to trim your panels if you are looking for a precise fit. Just remember this will leave an edge with no corrosion resistance. You need to take care of this to avoid rusting and failure.

Insulated roofing sheets
Straw and insulated panels

For effective insulation, you might try and make the structure airtight for better control of the indoor environment. Don’t neglect to consider ventilation in the process to allow you to get fresh air when you need it. This will help to maintain indoor air quality and control humidity, reducing the risk of lots of moisture and mould.

Peter Wragge understands how important it can be to ensure that your structure has the right level of thermal efficiency. To achieve this you need to use the best products. Our comprehensive product range will help you get what you need, whether it is for an industrial, agricultural, or domestic project.

Get in touch for more information on our insulated roofing sheets and other items. We are happy to offer tips about every part of using them.