Tile Form Sheeting

Our Dutch Tile effect steel roof sheets are designed to give that traditional tiled roof look. Tile form sheeting also has the benefits and ease of installation of modern coated steel sheeting.It truly is a superb product.Dutch Pan Tile fom sheeting

Our classic Pantile form roofing sheets are available in a 0.5mm gauge single skin sheet. In addition, we supply them in custom lengths up to 6 metres with a 1.100m cover when lapped. You can also get them as an Insulated Panel system. These have core depths between 40mm – 100mm and a standard lapped cover of 1.000m.

Tile form sheets reducedAs well as being strong and low maintenance they offer a lightweight, easy to handle solution to meet the specifications of your roofing project.

Available in two finishes, Polyester painted or long lasting Plastisol (leathergrain) finish in various colours with Terracotta Red – BS 04C39 and Anthracite Dark Grey – RAL 7016 being your classic roofing favourites. This means you can find the best roofing solution for your agricultural building, domestic garage or workshop and much more.

Get your hands on quality tile sheeting and more

We can also provide you with custom made flashings. We can make sure these match the colour of your tile sheets together with all your fixings, colour coded to match, and your tile form fillers. This makes this the perfect roofing package for your project.

  • lightweight
  • designed to give a traditional tile appearance
  • easy to handle
  • easy to handle
  • cost effective installation with ridge to eave lengths up to 6000mm
  • perfect for pitch and flat roofs
  • long lasting finishes
  • ideal for Agricultural, Commercial & Residential properties

Pan Tile Form Sheeting-1 reduce

If you have an interest in our products, please reach out. We would be happy to discuss your needs as well as our products such as tile form sheeting. In addition, we can provide you with advice on your project.