Tile form sheeting delivers on all roofing requirements

When looking at requirements for new or replacement roofing the number one priority would normally be to ensure that the maximum level of protection is in place. This is of course ultimately what roofs need to achieve. It would, however, be incorrect to suggest that the only way to achieve is by preparing yourself to sacrifice all other requirements in support of it. Over the years we have supplied roofing sheets including tile form sheeting. These deliver the protective functionality required and have the appearance wished for.

A product perfect for the job

tile form sheeting
Terracotta Pan Tile Form

Our tile form sheeting is the perfect example of the above. This type of sheet gives you the reliable strength you would associate with steel. Yet, from an aesthetic point, it has the more traditional roof appearance that many wish to have in place. Usually the requirement for this form of roofing comes from the agricultural, commercial and industrial sectors. However, there is no barrier to using it on residential property.

Although we have highlighted the aesthetic benefit of using our tile form sheeting, there are a number of practical benefits too. The main one of these is the fact that you get far better drainage with the sheets. Tiled roofing is designed in such a way to allow for the optimal fluent draining of storm and rain water from a roof. Getting this beneficial flow in place whilst having the assurance of long term strength is what the products bring to you.

You’re in the right place for quality tile form sheeting

We’ve become the people most trusted for the supply of roof sheeting as well as metal cladding. This was possible through our dedication to quality and customer service. We are capable of the straightforward supply and delivery of sheeting if you already know your requirements. On top of this, our team are always happy to provide any assistance they can.

If you’re looking for advice or input in regards to what form of roofing would work best, we can help. We’re happy to share our knowledge in a free and comprehensive way. So, simply get in touch with us.