Tile form sheeting can offer you much

Supplying top notch roofing materials and wall cladding is what we do best. With the collection of products we have at our disposal, we’re confident that we have something to suit your needs. Specialising in a range of products, including the likes of tile form sheeting, we aim to give you an affordable and viable solution. Expertly crafted and designed to meet a host of unique criteria, our sheets really stand out for their quality.

While regular roofing tiles are composed of materials like concrete, slate and clay, our tile form sheeting is comprised of plastisol. The more traditional substances are still utilised, but there have been quite a number of developments in terms of plastic roof tiles. Being tough, relatively simple to shape and manufacture, and long lasting, it’s no wonder why more people are favouring them.

Colour is another benefit that plastic possesses. Tiles of a more traditional origin are dependent on a complex process that can consist of burning sand to a certain formula and coating it onto the tile after changing it into a slurry. With this material, colours can be applied via a much easier strategy. By using moulds, plastic tiles can be cut and shaped with ease, making for consistency throughout an entire production run.

When laying tile form sheeting of this calibre on a roof, they are both lighter to work with and easier to align. There’s also a smaller chance that they’ll change colour because of weathering.

As you might expect, there are a fair amount of environmental advantages when using plastic. Since the tiles are often made up of recycled substances, less energy and resources are needed for their development. This is great from a green point of view.

At Peter Wragge Supplies the array of tile form sheeting that we supply is extensive. In addition to being plastisol coated, our products are also insulated and textured, helping you to keep those heating costs low. Should our merchandise interest you and you’d like us to provide further details on it, we’d be happy to answer your questions.