Things to remember when installing corrugated roofing

Corrugated roofing

We are a business that has been very successful in the last three decades. Our job has been to provide top quality roofing and cladding products to clients. Because of recommendations and our excellent customer service, people keep coming back. They may want our corrugated roofing merchandise or something else. Whatever their needs are, we are able to meet them.

A common sight

Corrugated roofs are very common because they can suit various needs. For example they are great for the likes of lean-to extensions, porches, carports, garages, and sheds. Countless individuals also employ them as cost effective substitutes to uPVC cladding. What we will be doing here is discussing the installation process and what you must remember.

Installation must be done correctly

Proper installation is essential for the right function of your corrugated metal roofing. It is also important for its visual appearance.

In recent years, this type of roofing has grown in popularity. This is for residential, commercial, and industrial uses. That being said, installation isn’t a walk in the park. Anyone who struggles can use the following tips to help them. Those who still need corrugated roofing can contact us.

Preparation is key

Firstly, we will discuss how you prepare the roof. You install the panels straight onto your roof’s plywood sheathing. It is critical for you to cover this sheathing using regular roofing felt paper. Do this prior to positioning the panels. This shall assist you in weatherproofing your roof. Extend your roofing felt paper by around 2 or 3 inches too. Do this all over the roof’s perimeter. To secure the paper onto your sheathing, use galvanised staples.

Positioning your panels

Another detail that is crucial is the position of your corrugated roofing panels. It will help if you draw chalk lines over the roof where you are going to install them. This shall act as a guide to guarantee that you place them straight.

Start the panel installation at the bottom of your roof. Install the initial row so it lets them overhang the roof by about 2 or 4 inches. What this does is divert water run-off and send it away from your roof boards.

Work your way towards the roof ridge steadily. As you position the upper panel over the one that lies below, overlap by an inch. Additionally, you’ll have to overlap every adjacent panel by the first entire ridge.


The next thing we want to talk about is nailing. Ensure that you use nails of a material that matches your panels. If you have metals with separate attributes close to each other, there can be nasty reactions. For example it may cause the panels to corrode faster. This will harm the look of the roof and also means additional maintenance work for you.

It is preferable to use 3 inch galvanised nails that come with washers. This aids users in stopping water from accumulating on the roof. Place your nails along the hump of every panel layer.

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