The versatile nature of corrugated roofing sheets

Over the years, we have managed to build a prosperous business that devotes time to supplying only the finest in roof materials. Amongst the numerous products that we have in stock lie our corrugated roofing sheets. Designed to match even the most demanding of building requirements, our sheeting can satisfy various performance and aesthetics requirements.

For many people, corrugated roofs are typically associated with dilapidated rural shacks, rusting frontier storefronts and barns. While it is true that this time of roofing is still mainly a commercial option, more modern corrugated metals, not to mention their attractive colours, are finding increasing use on residential properties.

Just like with any other roofing material metal sheets will leak and lead to expensive repairs if placed incorrectly. This means you need to ensure they are installed to the very highest standard. As part of this it is important to use the right fasteners and fixings, ensuring they don’t leave any voids that moisture could get through. Flashings should also be used to improve waterproofing.

In many cases, corrugated roofing sheets can be installed directly on top of an asphalt shingled roof that already exist because of their light weight. In terms of the actual installation costs, this type of roofing won’t cost you immensely to apply, especially when you compare it with the likes of standing seam roofs.

At Peter Wragge Supplies we are committed to helping our clients choose the correct roofing materials. We have a very large stock and can explain the various costs and benefits of each option. In terms of corrugated sheets we offer a huge selection, including a myriad of durable colour coatings to suit your aesthetic requirements.

If you are interested in our corrugated roofing sheets and would like to know more, we’d love the opportunity to chat with you. We can offer recommendations based on your requirements, giving you the confidence you are choosing the correct products.