The thickness of roofing sheets and composite panels has an impact on performance

Metal roofing sheets and composite panels are durable, recyclable, and generally cost-effective. By using them, a roof can typically be finished in a short space of time and it facilitates quick repairs.

Choose the roofing material

When choosing from sheets and panels one of the most important things to look at is the thickness (or gauge). The materials chosen need to satisfy appropriate standards. This ensures that the building delivers the relevant performance. It is wise to select a thickness that will provide an aesthetically pleasing finish as well as a long lifecycle.

When selecting which materials to use on a roof it is vital to keep the use of the property in mind and the setting. This can help to get the specifications right. It will also create a roof that will provide a reliable, attractive solution.

Here at Peter Wragge Supplies we have been involved in the supply of sheeting and composite panels for roofs for over 30 years. We are always happy to help you choose the right materials for your needs whether they are domestic, agricultural or industrial.

And…. we can now incorporate high-efficiency photovoltaic panels in that single, factory-manufactured composite panel. As Kingspan would say “Insulate & Generate”