The safest ways to work with cladding

It is our job to supply the population with building materials that suit their needs. One of our most popular offerings is our box profile sheets. The cladding has great aesthetics but it’s not the only thing they have though. Our profiles also have wide troughs. This enhances debris and water disposal. Overall, this is one of the most functional products we have.

There are several potential hazards if you are erecting a building envelope. The majority of them are because of the requirement to work at height. This is particularly true with roof cladding projects. Project managers must take a series of practical measures on site to lower risks and improve safety. However, the design team can take steps too.

Your materials can’t be fragile

To begin with, the cladding specifier must guarantee that the roof arrangement isn’t fragile. This is crucial for maintenance as well as construction. At times, you might use built-up cladding systems. In these cases it’s wise to itemise a liner sheet. Said sheet must be non-fragile whilst working alone. This will provide a safety net against falls. You cannot simply assume the non-fragile status of cladding equipment without evidence however.

Beware of gaps

When you clad a roof you generally have to work in stages. As a result there will be times when there are areas with and without cladding. The gaps are a hazard that everybody working on the surface needs to be aware of. You cannot eliminate this hazard entirely until you finish the cladding activities. Yet, you can reduce the risks here substantially with good communication, harnesses and safety nets.

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