The rules surrounding racking systems

In the last thirty years we have built our reputation for stocking excellent products. Specialising in building materials, we can supply you with first class components. However, we are also capable of informing you about the right ways to handle them. Our team members are experts on the care in handling steel profile sheets. This means you can talk with them if you’re not sure how to look after your goods.

If you purchase a handful of sheets, chances are that you’ll need to store them until they’re ready for use. Ideally, utilise a racking system for this. It must be able to support the materials so ensure it is safely and correctly fitted by adroit personnel.

Before using it, a satisfactory structural observation of the apparatus are necessary. This will allow you to clarify it is safe. In some cases the racking’s arrangement will need further stabilisation; attaching it to the facility is the best option. In these cases only those modules authorised by structural calculations are suitable. As such, the racking’s configuration has to be consistent with your building’s layout.

What else do I need to know?

Any double-sided runs must be spaced and affixed with appropriate run spacers. If you have any end uprights, you’ll probably have to reinforce them. This is especially important if they reside alongside a gangway or pedestrian route. Such actions shall help to contain any collapses that occur. If you plan to use convertible pallet racking, beam connector locks need to be fixed at the beam edges. This will stop any accidental displacements caused by forklift trucks.

At Peter Wragge Supplies, there is much we can tutor you on when it comes to care in handling steel profile sheets. On our website, you can find a page full of useful information on the subject. If you are after details that are more specific, you can always contact us for advice. Just let us know if you require anything.