The regulations surrounding re-roofing

When customers require roofing and cladding materials, we are normally their first choice. Providing an impressive collection of quality products at affordable prices, we have become known across the country for our services. Our tile form sheeting is very highly regarded, proving to be a cost effective and reliable choice for re-roofing.

Even the highest quality roofing won’t last forever. After a certain amount of time has elapsed materials will need to be replaced. In the majority of these instances however, Building Regulations approval is something you are going to need.

Flat roofs are a bit of a mixed bag when it comes to consent. On one hand, there are a number of projects where an application for approval won’t be necessary. However, should the rooftop in question possess integral insulation characteristics, you might be ordered to enhance this thermal component. All of this is done so that you can minimise the level of heat that was lost originally.

If your present roof covering is to be substituted with another substance that differs a bit from the original, like our tile form sheeting for example, then there’s a high chance that consent will be demanded. This is to ensure that the replacement is going to be structurally stable enough, energy efficient, and not a fire risk. It also ensures that aesthetics are carefully considered.

If the new material used on the roofing is markedly lighter or heavier than your old one, the roofing structure itself may require some refinements and a bit of strengthening. Prior to starting your project, it is advised that you seek guidance from a surveyor or structural engineer.

At Peter Wragge Supplies, our Dutch sheet range has been designed especially to mimic the appearance of traditional roofing. Not only this, but it also comes complete with all the comforts of contemporary coated steel sheets, including their simplistic installation specifications.

If you are interested in our tile form sheeting and want to know more, you’re more than free to ask us anything about it.