The problems associated with missing and loose profile fillers

As a company that has been established for three decades, we have become well known for providing high quality roofing materials to our customers. Profiled steel sheets in particular are noted for their potential, but a great degree of care is required when handling such products. During every stage of the manufacturing process, we make sure that our sheets are handled with the upmost care and attention.

An extensive number of profiled sheet roofs suffer from issues that have an effect on the profile filler components at eaves and ridge details. They could have perished, been removed by birds, or might have loosened as the years have passed. What situations like this allow is for wind driven rain to blow underneath the capping, making its way into the structure as a result.

Eventually, this shows itself as water ingress at the gutter area or sheet laps. The other reason why water ingress may turn into a problem is that the fashion of lower pitched roofs also enables windblown rain to enter the details after the filler pieces or sealants have outlived their usefulness.

When tackling these kinds of issues, you can take one of numerous routes. Firstly, you can fix a new and more expansive profile ridge that caps over the flashing already in position. This would permit you to fix the newer filler pieces at the same time. Alternatively, you could completely encapsulate the ridge detail with the assistance of the coating system specification. In order to have a reasonable backing for the liquid coating, there also needs to be some kind of gap filling here too.

At Peter Wragge Supplies we always teach our customers about the importance of care in handling profiled steel sheets. There are a myriad of problems that can arise if your materials aren’t managed correctly, some of which are detailed on our website. Therefore, it’s best that you have a look so that you can be certain of what is and isn’t acceptable. If you require any additional help, please let us know.