The potential of tile form sheeting

During our thirty plus years in operation we have built up a great reputation. We are proud to be one of the most professional and dependable sources of building materials in the country. Specialising in such products as tile form sheeting, we aim to offer our clients nothing but the best. Well priced and available in a myriad of styles, our sheets are ones that you can rely on.

Tile form sheeting is a material that is a practical choice for refurbishment projects and new constructs altogether. Aside from fitting in nicely with its environment, it’s aesthetical characteristics are also impressive to say the least.

For understructures, a lightweight purling or batten assembly is all that’s necessary when using the sheets. Not only is this massively beneficial for refurbished structures, but the cost of the entire roofing project can be reduced this way as well.

The sheeting enables one to add on a more traditional appearance to a structure. This is thanks to the classic pan tile profile, which at first glance looks like that of clay tiles. The main difference here is the additional strength and durability that comes with more modern coated steels.

In addition to being lightweight, these sheet products are also simple to install. Not a lot of tools are required for the installation, making it a very cost effective, low maintenance solution. Available in an array of designs, the sheets go together brilliantly with older and more culturally sensitive locales, and add a degree of elegance to newer buildings.

At Peter Wragge Supplies we are pleased to offer a range of tile form sheeting that includes textured, insulated, and plastisol coated models. Appropriate for numerous sectors, including the industrial, commercial and domestic, our sheets are handy for a host of unique projects.

If you are interested in our stock and would like further information, we would be happy to assist you.