The positives of using structural insulated panels

Insulated panels

You may have been having trouble keeping the temperature up or down in a building. If this is the case, chances are it has something to do with your insulation. We can help you rectify this by offering you the highest quality insulated panels in the country. Our business has a comprehensive range of systems so we can cater for any structure.

Where you use the structural insulated design

This type of panel is very common in domestic projects. However, their involvement with exterior cladding set ups isn’t understood that well. When you use them in these arrangements, you are free to use the SIPs in a building’s structural frame. You can fix them to the outside of one too. They supply users with decent thermal capabilities. This is essential to following Part L of the Building Regulations in Wales and England. It is the same for Section 6 in Scotland. There are also many other advantages to speak of here.

Insulation core

SIPs normally include a rigid high calibre insulation core. This is between a couple of layers. The core might include several materials like expanded polystyrene foam or urethane. Another option is extruded polystyrene foam. Usually, the outer layers are oriented stranded board. However, they can be cement, metal, or plywood as well.

In certain cases, the panels could be autohesively bonded. What this means is that the insulation foam is in the middle of the layers. Another option is to create the layers separately and then bond them.

Energy efficiency

Something else you need to know about SIPs is they can help create high energy-efficient buildings. It is possible for them to obtain whole wall U-values reaching 0.20W/m2K. Some values end up being higher. This is because they are typically connected using factory-engineered joining apparatus. This guarantees high airtight levels. They can also reach leakage levels far lower than the limit in the Building Regulations. If you need insulated panels that are highly energy efficient, give us a call.

Structural composites

Moreover, SIPs are structural composites. They offer you predictable responses to applied loads. Other provisions include strength and stiffness. We assemble the panels and cut them to size before delivery. This reduces on-site defects and waste. Users need fewer materials to meet the energy performance standards too. There shall also be fewer deliveries to the site, resulting in lower transport pollution and noise.

Weight saving

Finally, the panels are lightweight in nature. You also have the option of using mast climbers to install them. In the majority of cases, this means there is no need for scaffolding. Using SIPs can also reduce the involvement of wet trades like bricklaying. There is less of a requirement for complex rainscreen rail-fixing systems as well.

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At Peter Wragge Supplies, we are proud to be able to supply first rate insulated panels. There is more to our company than just this though. We teach clients how to use their new purchases too.

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