The path to a longer lasting roof

Quality building materials will serve you well if treated with care. If they are mishandled though, don’t be surprised if they end up becoming damaged in some way. We ourselves take the upmost caution when manufacturing and handling our products. Well versed when it comes to care in handling steel profiled sheets, we are the people to depend on if you have any concerns.

Whether your metal roof has been crafted from alternatives to shingles for use on more classic homes or introduced as rigid sheeting for more contemporary structures, it offers your home the durability that comes with steel. Regardless of the circumstances, a well-handled and maintained roof ensures that the material shall have a longer life.

This first point may seem obvious, but do not stand on your roof. Metallic surfaces are thin and there isn’t enough support available for one’s weight. You might not go falling through the roof, but it’s possible for you to harm and dent the roofing accidently. Should the need to walk on your roof be too great to ignore, travel directly over purlins and joists, where your weight is supported.

In addition, do what you can to make sure that two differing metal substances are prevented from making contact with each other. This situation can manifest when components have moved or loosened thanks to unfavourable weather conditions. Particular mediums aren’t too brilliant in terms of interaction and can heighten the chances of corrosion. These include the likes of aluminium and copper or galvanised steel and copper together.

At Peter Wragge Supplies, we have a page on our website that’s dedicated to the safe handling of steel profiled sheeting. This acts as a guide to those principal problem areas that can bring about deterioration and ruin to our merchandise, so it would be in your best interests to have a look. If you require any further assistance, please let us know.