The most important facts about galvanised roofing sheets

We are a leading supplier because our team stocks the finest box profile sheets in the country. The secret is that we only offer top calibre goods, ensuring our customers get the best when shopping with us. In addition, we don’t charge high prices for them.

Galvanised roof sheets like our box profile sheeting are quick to install. They offer the flexibility for you to do various projects. This includes standard DIY jobs and huge commercial roofs. They possess the ability to cover vast surfaces, depending on the size you go with. In addition, individuals often pick them because they are light and provide good protection. From a cosmetic perspective, galvanised models provide a classic look.


With sheets of this nature, reliability is a big benefit. It is easy to predict how they shall react for their whole life spans. Over time, they won’t present too many problems. Furthermore, they’re well known for their strength. For instance, the sheeting can hold their weight when embedded in structural applications.

Box profile sheets are appropriate for domestic, industrial, commercial, and agricultural cladding and roofing. You’re free to use them as single skin sheeting over part of a built-up insulated environment. You can also use them in roofs with several layers.

Something you’ll notice is that the sheets come with a wider coated steel strip. As a result they have a steady weatherproof lap. This makes them more attractive than other products and means they are also easier to install.

People consider the profiles a good alternative to old corrugated roof sheets. Homeowners love to use them because of the array of benefits and low costs.

At Peter Wragge Supplies, the ranges we have for our profile sheets include fibre cement, aluminium, and steel. Other items we have in our inventory include insulation systems and steel fixings. We have flashing and gutters as well. Therefore you can find everything you need.

You can find details of each type of profile sheeting by visiting our website. If there’s something you’d like to ask us, feel free to get in touch. We can help with everything, from choosing a product to ordering, storage, and installation.