The most elementary roofing metals

The Peter Wragge Supplies team goes above and beyond to deliver the best building products available. It might be our metal sheets that you’re after or something else. Regardless, we’ll make sure that you get materials that will serve you well in whatever project it is. In addition we offer useful support and advice.

There’s a fair amount of ground covered whenever someone uses the word “metal” when referring to their roofing. Zinc, steel, copper, and aluminium are all substances you can find in metal roofs. Each one has its own characteristics that influence the overall aesthetics, price, and durability. The most conventional materials you shall find though are aluminium as well as steel.

Why is steel so popular?

Steel is the most common type of roof sheet. It’s more robust and heavier than its aluminium counterpart. Builders have settled on a myriad of hardwearing finishes and coatings that defend the sheets from corrosion and rust. Normally, you coat it using zinc and then seal it. Once installed, the sheeting can last for a long time. It also tends to be the cheapest material.

A lightweight alternative

With aluminium, you have an incredibly light medium that is an ideal choice for residential roofing. It isn’t going to rust because there is no iron. However, to keep up appearances, you must paint or coat it. The coatings aren’t too distant from those you find with steel. Aluminium is soft as well. It will dent and mar with ease, so you need to be more careful when handling it.

Which type of metal sheets you go with will come down to personal preferences and your project’s specifications. Just make sure that the material you select is the right one for your property and your budget.

Our collection of products includes sheeting in aluminium and steel variants. In addition to metal sheets, you can expect to find insulation systems, steel fixings, and fillers and lighting merchandise. As a result you can purchase everything you need to create a strong, watertight roof that ticks all of the right boxes.

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