The many ways you can use aluminium sheets

Metal sheets

We are a business that strives to offer customers a wide array of high quality building products. This includes useful metal sheets that are great for many applications, including roofing, cladding and more. In addition, you can use them in the domestic, agricultural, and industrial sectors.

One of the metal sheets you can find is the aluminium variant. It is very popular because of the number of benefits it offers. In most cases the sheeting is light and very thin. At the same time, each sheet is robust, strong and durable. In addition the metal has very high corrosion resistance so it is a great alternative to steel. If that wasn’t enough, aluminium sheets are easy to install and maintain.


The uses for aluminium sheets are very broad. There are so many in fact that it is hard to produce a comprehensive list of them. However, we intend to go over some of the most common ones here. Read on to find out more.


We will begin with the most obvious one, which is roofing. Aluminium roof sheets are very popular. This is due to the sturdy and lightweight elements as well as the anti-corrosion ones. Artistic ceilings also make the list. Composite or dibond sheets typically find use as large tiles or interior ceiling panels.


Up next, we have balconies. We see aluminium balcony balustrades and railings all the time. Again, we have the lightweight and strong properties to thank for this. The waterproof attributes also aid a great deal.

Food containers

There are lots of uses for aluminium sheets in the food industry. In addition to sealed food containers like cans, you can find beer kegs made from the sheeting. Users prize the material for the impermeable, non-tainting, and non-reactive qualities. The containers are also reusable.

Cable sheathings

Another use for the metal sheets is cable sheathing. Metal sheaths for cabling is something you form using extremely thin aluminium sheets and foils. People do this because of the corrosion resistance. Not to mention, there are the good electrical and mechanical characteristics.

Cladding and fascia panels

The final uses we will talk about are cladding and fascia panels. Aluminium composite sheeting is the preferential choice for insulation and cladding. This is the case for domestic, industrial, and commercial buildings. It is not surprising when you think about all of its great characteristics.

Purchase metal sheets today

At Peter Wragge Supplies, we have a huge collection of aluminium and steel sheets in stock. They come in roughly 20 colours. In addition, there are a number of coatings to choose from. This includes plastic and plain galvanised.

If you would like more info about our metal sheets, you are welcome to contact us. We can cater for large and small orders, offering fast delivery and lots of useful tips.