The lead thicknesses used for flashings

We are a top supplier of flashings and gutters, as well as many other building materials. These objects are versatile in nature, but we’ve also made certain that they can strengthen the appearance of your structure. There are numerous examples of this merchandise on our website, but there are others we can source that match your particular specifications.

Not everyone is familiar with how roof flashings work, and this lack of knowledge can ultimately lead to some costly mistakes. To ensure that you have a pleasant experience whilst using them, we’ve produced some expert advice on these utensils below.

How thick should they be?

First, we’re going to talk about the right lead thickness to use with flashings. Manufacturers typically make lead over flashings with code 4 milled lead. Specialists recommend it because it offers a great compromise between resistance to fatigue caused by contraction and expansion, and malleability. Code 3, which is the lighter and thinner alternative, is a substance we normally use for lead soakers. These are the concealed waterproof lead divisions that lie beneath plain tiles and slates.

You can use code 3 lead for flashings

Speaking of code 3, many people ask if we can use it with flashings. Certain books may tell you no, but the true answer is yes. It might not last as long as code 4 though. However, contrary to popular opinion, it can endure for decades if it’s not unprotected against a south facing sun trap, or if the segments aren’t overly long. In the end, the decision to use or not use code 3 will be yours.

At Peter Wragge Supplies, in addition to our purpose made flashings, we also supply the widely utilised sleeved purlin system, as well as Z purlins. You’ll be glad to hear that our standard products complement our cladding and roofing tools too. This means you can use them in tandem with each other.

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