The installation process with corrugated roofing

As a supplier of various first class products, we can help you get what you need for your project. This may include the highest quality corrugated roofing if you want a quick, reliable solution. As well as supplying though, we also offer useful tips such as how to install materials.

What To Do

Your first step is to determine the amount of roofing that you require for the job. We can fulfil orders of various sizes whilst working for a swift dispatch. Our extensive stock helps us to meet whatever your specifications are, including the dimensions and thickness.

Once you have chosen your quality roofing, you can cut it to the exact size that you require. A common way to do this is to use an angle grinder. Remember that when using cutting tools you need to wear safety gear like gloves.

To fasten a sheet in, you need to ensure that you have drill holes in the right places. This will keep them secure at all times. You can then attach the sheets by placing them directly onto the purlins. After ensuring that they’re fixed on, you may wish to use a sealant.

Corrugated roofing is simple to install, being lightweight whilst also possessing great strength. The sheets are also helpful at keeping water away. The aesthetic qualities are desirable too as they come in a range of looks and finishes. The quality steel makes them rot proof and fire resistant. Whether it is a domestic or commercial property, the results will be amazing.

Give Us A Call

We can offer assistance in various ways. This includes providing more information on our services and products. You may also benefit from advice to ensure you select the right product and install it correctly.

In addition to corrugated roofing we can provide you with numerous accessories, fixtures and fittings to give you whatever you need. To make the most out of our 30 years of experience, contact Peter Wragge Supplies Ltd today.