The importance of insulation in agricultural buildings

At Peter Wragge Supplies Ltd, insulated panels are one of our more popular products. Metal sheeting alone may not keep a building sufficiently warm, and panelling with extra insulation can be a huge help. The potential applications for the materials are wide. This includes many projects in the domestic, commercial and agricultural sectors.


In agriculture, your building may be a greenhouse, barn, store or more. But, heat is almost always essential in every case. With rising energy prices and the constant hunt for effective heating control, the market is full of options you can try. Insulated panels are something that should be at the top of your list.

Energy Efficient

There always appears to be a demand for ways to make buildings as energy efficient as possible. This doesn’t matter what the use of the building is, even smaller ones created out of projects. The beauty of insulated panels is that they are very simple to install and yet they’re highly effective. They do require careful handling but once in place they need very little maintenance.

You will then get to save money on your energy bills and have peace of mind that your building is protected. Not only will it retain heat in the colder months and prevent it escaping, but it also reduces the heat intake in warmer months. The temperature will be more likely to remain steady all year round, allowing your contents to stay protected.

In addition you can also look forward to a CO2 reduction and less moisture build-up from condensation. The results are desirable, so invest in our panels for great long term thermal performance.

Rely On Quality Products

Our products are first-class and the range we have available is extensive. This allows for you to find a match for various kinds of installation needs. We also supply other products too such as flashing & gutters, tile form sheeting and more.

Make the most out of quality insulated panels and contact us today. We would be more than happy to provide you with any needed advice for you project.