The fire risks posed by external panels

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The ignition of composite panels, even those designs that include a combustible core, isn’t usually an instant act. However, a plethora of core elements are utilised and they each possess highly separate ignition characteristics. The initial phases of a developing fire are somewhat slow and it’s only during a well-developed blaze that that the cores end up burning intensely. Polymeric cores though, including PUR and EPS, burn at lower temperatures than one finds in a mature fire, making them contributors to fire spreads.

There exists a danger in fire conditions that the panels are harmed at their joints, or that they delaminate suddenly and the metal facing ends up falling away, exposing the previously mentioned combustible core. This expansion of fire severity can hasten the failure of other panels within close proximity, resulting in the blaze going up the structure’s exterior. During an instance such this, not only are inhabitants endangered, but the loss in property can be financially damaging.

Foam cores that are out in the open due to fixings, penetration or damage shall catch fire sooner than your standard intact panel. Furthermore, delaminated panels can fall from the construct, not only putting everyone below at risk of injury, but also coming with the potential to start secondary fires.

At Peter Wragge Supplies, the composite panels and roofing sheets that we stock make use of the most advanced technology in an effort to conform to the present building regulations. Our panels are comprised of both pre coated steel and aluminium weather and liner sheets, alongside a PIR core that has been sanctioned by LPC insurers.

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