The expanding market of metal cladding systems

Buildings require only the finest of materials in order to stay in a stable condition and they don’t get much better than the ones available at our company. Designed to last for prolonged periods and to stand up to the detrimental effects of time, our metal cladding will fit your needs effectively. On top of this the materials are reasonably priced and available in a considerable range of designs.

The worldwide market for cladding applications is predicted to expand from USD 173.51 billion during 2016 to approximately USD 242.84 billion by the year 2021. In that time the estimated CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) is expected to be 6.95%. Magnification within the construction industry globally, in addition to government regulations in regard to zero energy building codes, have played a substantial role in supplying the necessary momentum to the market after the economic slowdown occurred.

Within the following five years, the metal cladding complex section in particular is predicted to be the fastest growing within the market. These systems are not only durable, but are also aesthetically pleasing. In addition, cladding is extremely environmentally friendly due to the fact that recycling the panels is very simple.

The cladding system market is divided up by region and includes the likes of Europe, Asia-Pacific, North America and the rest of the globe. At present, Asia-Pacific is projected to be the quickest developing market for during the forecast term. This is thanks largely to the rising economy and progression of the infrastructure sector.

At Peter Wragge Supplies the metal cladding we have at our disposal comes in differing finishes, levels of thickness, and materials. When you are having trouble deciding on which system will best suit your needs, we shall listen to your specifications and make a recommendation based on what you tell us. That way we help you to select the perfect products for your needs.

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