The elements stand no chance against steel

Our business is one that wants its customers to be fully equipped for the jobs they have to complete. To this end, we stock a myriad of high quality building materials. The list of products is extensive, with our roofing sheets and composite panels being particular highlights.

For decades, the composite shingle roof has remained the top dog of re-roofing and new installation projects. However, the quickly expanding customer awareness of metal roofing and its advantages is making people reconsider their choices. Instead, they’re increasingly opting to use steel materials.

One of the main reasons for steel’s growing popularity is its potential to endure dire weather conditions. The substance is specially created to stand against drastic temperature shifts and savage climates. With a steel roof guarding it, your property is more likely to remain safe from the likes of fire, wind, snow, and hail.


These types of roofs can resist the potentially damaging impacts resulting from hailstones. The best roofing variations come with class 4 hail resistance. This means they won’t suffer from chips, cracks, or punctures in the same manner that clay and slate roofs do. Additionally, steel does a greater job of withstanding falling branches and similar debris.


We also design steel roofs to protect against fire. As a result they come with the highest resistance rating; class A. Since steel isn’t a combustible material, fires won’t spread. They won’t be in danger from any windblown sparks either.


Wind is another element that has trouble affecting steel roofs. Your installation likely won’t blow away or end up damaged because of strong winds.

At Peter Wragge Supplies, we create our solutions using pre-coated aluminium or steel weather and liner sheets. They also come with a PIR core, which an LPC insurer has sanctioned. Our roofing sheets and composite panels are reliable and will serve you well for years to come.

If our merchandise interests you and you’d like to make a purchase, please get in touch with us.