The dangers of bi-metallic corrosion with steel and aluminium

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Bi-metallic corrosion only happens when two diverse metals come into ‘electrical’ contact with each other. You need to bridge these substances with a liquid that conducts electricity as well. This creates a ‘cell’ that is capable of causing corrosion in one of the coupled materials. This can generate complications when stainless steel fasteners encounter different metals, depending on the current circumstances.

Which pairing is the most menacing?

One coupling in particular that’s a bi-metallic corrosion hazard is stainless steel together with aluminium. With such a mixture, the influence of relative surface area is vital. A considerable section of cathode relative to anode can escalate anodic corrosion. It’s true that aluminium is anodic to stainless steel. However, massive relative surface sectors of aluminium to steel can be suitable.

Stainless steel fasteners fixed into aluminium sheets or plates are usually safe. Nevertheless, the combination of aluminium bolts holding steel parts in place isn’t generally a wise union. This is because a practical fear of corrosion exists. Examples of safely utilising the materials cooperatively are present though. People can employ stainless fasteners to stabilise aluminium bridge parapet or roadway guards.

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