The benefits of patching up your corrugated roofing sheets

Throughout our time in operation we have built quite the successful business for ourselves. We continue to focus on supplying specialised products to fulfil our customer’s specifications. Corrugated roofing sheets in particular have proven to be a massive hit, benefiting both the domestic and commercial industries greatly. We have a multitude of sheeting options available and we are confident that you’ll find the perfect materials for your own needs.

When leakages occur with corrugated sheeting there are a number of things you can do to fix the issue. Patching can prove to be the most cost effective of these and lets you repair the damaged area without having to replace an entire sheet.

If you do choose to patch a corrugated sheet the first thing to do is use a rag to quickly clean the damaged area. Afterwards, apply a minor amount of lacquer thinner and then utilise some form of special sealing tape in order to cover the designated area.

In terms of the tape, you must be certain that it’s made specifically for patching up metal substances, so that it both sticks easily and possesses a fair degree of rain and UV resistance. Once you are comfortable with your tape, press it down over the leak.

In some cases patching is not an option. Replacing a section of corrugated sheeting is slightly more costly but it is still better than having to replace the whole roof. It can also be accomplished relatively quickly due to how roofs made from the materials are constructed.

One of the best ways to reduce the risk of future leaking problems is through regular inspection, even if there’s no trouble at present. It’s always a great idea to examine everything after some form of weather disturbance, such as heavy snow and rain for instance. Unclogging the gutters will also go a long way towards keeping your roofs in prime condition by reducing the risk of standing water.

With the right level of maintenance and care, any corrugated roof can be spared from the detrimental effects of a leak. The best thing about this variety of material is that it’s relatively low maintenance overall, so it will be able to serve you for a long time.

At Peter Wragge Supplies we have a wide selection of corrugated roofing sheets to choose from. They can be cut to size so that they can fit in nicely with roofs of different shapes, making them incredibly versatile. Thickness levels can also vary, with some sheets being rather rigid and resistant to wear, whilst others offer a more flexible experience.

On top of this we offer various accessories to help with installing and repairing the sheets. If you need our help with anything please get in touch.