Terrible lighting leads to accidents

There are many components involved in the construction process. Some are more appropriate for certain situations and not others. Of course, you’ll require a dependable supplier in order to get your hands on the best merchandise. Fortunately we consider ourselves one of the leading providers in the business. It could be fillers and lighting, roofing sheets, or something completely different you’re after. Whatever the case, we will ensure you get what you need.

Keep workspaces illuminated

Insufficient workplace illumination is something that’s generally disregarded by health and safety managers. Usually, examiners downgrade it to a mere facility concern. However, the fact is that awful lighting results in complications like fatigue and headaches. In high-danger settings like factories and warehouses, the repercussions of dimly lit premises could be far graver. To put things in simple terms, if you can see a hazard, it’ll be easier to circumvent it.

What do the regulations say?

There is a lack of statutory workplace lighting levels in this country. Nevertheless, Regulation 8 of the Workplace Regulations does ask for there to be sufficient and suitable lighting. Additionally, you should illuminate your work areas using natural light whenever it is practical.

Besides the above, the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations states that you should inspect and oversee any risks. This includes those related to lights.

Natural light is by far the best option for illuminating workspaces. It offers a myriad of benefits, including being better for the eyes and lower cost than artificial lights. The downside is that it generally won’t be able to offer ample luminescence all day. For this reason, a mixture of lighting may prove essential.

At Peter Wragge Supplies, we can assist you with the natural light by supplying our translucent glass fibre sheets. They permit diffused daylight to enter your structure. The sheeting includes a colourless design in addition to a fine arbitrary finish of the latent resin/glass fibre composite. We also have fillers that work perfectly with the sheeting.

If you are looking for fillers and lighting you should take a look at our collection. You can also contact us if you would like more details about our goods.