Taking measures to prevent leaks with corrugated roofing sheets

When the subject of roofing supplies comes up, there is no better company to help than ours. Having worked in our chosen industry for three decades, we are equipped to satisfy the specific requirements of our clients. Corrugated roofing sheets and accessories are included in our stock to help people create stable surfaces that will be safe from leaks.

Corrugated roofs are cost effective and popular options but they require maintenance, just like every other part of the house. While they can become susceptible to leaks over time, the good news is that with the right materials and correct knowledge, they can be rectified quite easily.

Finding the leaks can be a tad tricky but it’s not impossible. A typical roof leak indicator is wet ceiling tiles, so you can trace the problem from there back to its origin point. Common leak locations include the likes of the chimney, skylight, wall step flashings, and joints between corrugated roofing sheets to name a few. Checking the vents and gutters for leakage is also a decent idea.

Wear and tear on the roofing sheets, flashings and seals are the major causes of leaks. You can reduce the risk of this happening by ensuring that the materials you use are sturdy and manufactured with longevity in mind. For example if you use steel sheeting you should ensure it has been properly coated to protect it from water.

On top of this it is important to ensure that everything is installed correctly. Failing to overlap the corrugated roofing sheets and not using flashings and seals properly will leave voids that water can get through. This results in leaks.

At Peter Wragge Supplies we supply corrugated roofing sheets, flashings and other accessories that conform to the proper building regulations. These quality products coupled with the advice we have to offer means our clients can look forward to a watertight roof.

If you have any questions and would like to discuss specific products with us please get in touch.