Take notice of the corrugated roofing sheets

We have spent our time as a business providing an array of top products to our customers. This includes our popular range of corrugated sheets. Our goods have been able to satisfy countless uses. As a result, we have been able to help many people. We also make sure our service is excellent so a lot of people recommend us.

It is understandable that buying roofing materials can be intimidating. However, if you take the time to learn about all the positive attributes of these sheets, you will see how good they are.

Lightweight and easy to install

You may be seeking roofing materials that are easy to install and lightweight. If so, then these roofing sheets are the right products for you. They are brilliant for garden outbuildings, carports, and garages. In addition, they come in various profiles and materials. This makes them ideal for nearly any style of home or job.


The corrugated sheets are utilised all over the world. The reason why is that they are some of the most versatile roofing solutions in existence.

People use the sheets for lean-to extensions, porches, carports, and garages. Many others employ the sheeting as economical alternatives to UPVC cladding.

PVC and bitumen corrugated designs are some of the more well-known variants out there. They work the same as other roofing sheets. The difference though is that they possess a corrugated form factor. This adds strength and rigidity. At the same time, the sheets are easy to cut and are flexible. Installation is easy when you use them.

Fewer fixings/flashings

Something else you should know about the sheets is they don’t need that many fixings or flashings. This is when you compare to other roofing systems. Moreover, unlike roof tiles, ventilation, a dry verge, and membranes are not a necessity. This helps to make projects less expensive. The flashings and fixings you might need include nails/screws, verges, sealing tape, and eaves filler.

Easy to work with

As for the installation, working with these sheets is actually pain-free. What we recommend you do though is follow the manufacturer’s installation guide. This ensures you avoid voiding your warranty while maximising your roof’s strength.

You should also cover the sheets in a light coloured, opaque sheet if you are storing them outside prior to fitting. It is best not to leave them in direct sunlight. The sheets lying at the centre of the stack can end up distorting if you do.

Contact us if you need corrugated sheets

At Peter Wragge Supplies, we offer our merchandise to any sector of the market that requires them. Our clients might need them for domestic, agricultural, or industrial use. Whatever the project, we are confident we have everything you need.

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