Suitable and safe options for storing metal sheets

The team here at Peter Wragge is not just one that supplies customers with high quality merchandise, but it also teaches them how to look after their goods. Being specialists on care in handling profiled steel sheets, we can tutor you, ensuring that you know how to avoid potential damages during both transportation and storage. Those who feel as if they would benefit from some help can rely on us.

Sheet metal of any design is a challenge to handle, being vulnerable to harm, heavy, bulky, and flexible all at once. Typically, there are sharp corners and edges, both of which make turning and moving them manually a struggle. When dealing with bundles of the sheeting, a forklift is usually required to shift them. Care needs to be taken with this to avoid damage. Because metal sheets are widely utilised in fabrication and manufacturing projects however, finding more effective handling and storage strategies is essential. Listed below are some examples of these approaches.

If cart access is a concern it would be smart to use vertical sheet racks. Normally, they are loaded and unloaded manually and aren’t too complicated to erect. After you’ve emptied one, you can move them around with ease. To cranes and hoists, horizontal racks provide a sufficient degree of entrance. This is only after you’ve slid the sheets out of the rack’s framework. Depending on how much the metal weighs, two workers may be needed for this.

Roll-out racks make handling metal sheets simpler with forklifts, hoists, and cranes, and can manage hulking cargo in compact spaces. Roll-out shelving is similar in some respects, but was created with lighter loads in mind. Despite this, they are also appropriate for crane and forklift users.

At Peter Wragge Supplies, we do our own part to help you keep your steel sheeting safe. During the manufacturing stage and before they are sent off to you, your products are handled, produced, and stored with the upmost care and attention. That way we can make assurances on the quality.

If you would like advice about care in handling profiled steel sheets we can provide it. You’re more than welcome to contact us with any questions you may have. There are also useful tips on our website.