Stop your corrugated roofing from leaking

Peter Wragge Supplies is successful due to one simple reason; we listen to the needs of our customers and then go out of our way to meet them. We only offer high quality products, including our top of the range corrugated roofing. When users look after the sheets properly they can last for a long time. As a result your investment can be a very cost effective one.


Sadly it is possible to experience leakages with corrugated sheeting. To prevent the situation from escalating, you have to patch up your materials.

The best place to begin is by using a rag to locate the area that requires patching swiftly. Following this, introduce a small amount of lacquer thinner. Next, cover the area using a variety of special sealing tape specifically for metallic mediums. These tapes have an easier time sticking. Additionally, they are UV resistant. Press your tape over the leak once you’re confident in it.

Inspect everything regularly

Regular inspection is the number one way of stopping future leaks. It can also help you prevent issues that are currently developing from becoming full failures. If there has been some really bad weather, examine your surface. Make sure there are no pools or debris stopping water from draining away. In addition you should unclog your gutters when it becomes necessary. All of this will make keeping your roof in great condition simpler.

You can spare every corrugated roof from the negative effects of a leak. All you need to do is ensure you do the right amount of care and maintenance. Because the sheets are durable you don’t need to do much to maintain them. Expect your corrugated roofing to serve you for the foreseeable future.

At Peter Wragge Supplies, our corrugated sheeting products aren’t the only items we have in stock. Other favourites amongst customers include insulation systems and steel fixings. If you want to create a durable, high quality roof, we have almost everything you need.

To find out more about any of our products, feel free to contact us. We have experience in various sectors and always focus on customer care.