Steel Flashings to finish your building

Metal Flashings are used to finish the ends and corners of a run of roofing/wall sheets protecting against water ingress and enhancing the aesthetics of your building.

We can supply, purpose made to any shape and size, these integral components for the performance of your corrugated, box profile or tileform clad building in a variety of coatings and with multiple colour options available. Manufactured in standard 0.7mm thickness in 3 metre lengths and with welted edges.

Barge Boards  – for the end of a run of sheets to trim and seal off the edge of the roof.

Roof Ridges – cap pieces for the apex of the roof to join the two sides together, folded to the pitch of your roof

Drip flashings – for the base of your walls and over doors or windows

Verge flashings – to cover the joint between your roof and wall, folded to suit the pitch of your roof.

Wall abutments – bespoke to waterproof adjoining buildings

Corner rolls – to match your walls