Steel cladding – horizontal Or vertical style?

Our position as the number one name for steel cladding supplies didn’t just come from our ability to provide world class materials at highly competitive prices. As important as that is, we’ve found that over the years we have become the most trusted source for information and advice in respect of all forms of cladding and corrugated roofing products. We are always delighted when we can share our knowledge to the benefit of our clients.
An interesting question which comes up along the lines of the above is which direction works best when you choose to have a roof or wall clad. By direction we mean the alignment of the materials when they are installed. If you consider the various buildings that you pass on a day to day basis it’s likely that you have observed some of them have horizontal cladding, whereas others have opted for vertical.

If both horizontal and vertical approaches are used, the question to be asked becomes which one is the best and when is one more appropriate than the other? Providing answers is, more often than not, reliant on the specific requirements and circumstances.

In very general terms, however, you might have noted that it is usual for commercial and industrial properties to have vertical steel cladding, whereas horizontal lines tend to be more frequently used on residential properties.

The main idea behind using vertical materials for business premises is that it would require a lot less cleaning and maintenance. Due to the size of commercial buildings, finding ways to cut the costs of maintaining the building is always ideal. Whilst horizontal cladding on residential properties is not problematic when it comes to cleaning, it can easily become this on an industrial property.

Something which should not be discounted in value is your aesthetic preference. The above differences are just a guide, and by no means should they be seen as some form of set rule. Whether it is horizontal or vertical our steel cladding can be relied on to perform to optimal levels. We have great confidence in the materials we offer and expect them to look perfect once fitted.

If you have any questions about different styles of cladding please get in touch.