Steel and metal aren’t the same thing

It is always important to have the right equipment and raw materials when you are taking part in a building project. We assist those in need by supplying high quality items. This includes metal sheets and a variety of other products. There is no need to worry about distance either. Our team delivers to nearly everywhere in the UK.

People use the terms steel and metal in the same capacity. However, you have to wonder whether the two are the same. If you come across steel, it definitely has the feel and look of a hard metal. It is a popular material for consumer products and construction too. However, looks can be misleading.

The truth is that the differences between the two are ones we overlook. In this world, we often believe that steel is a kind of metal. Even within professional settings, people use these terms together. We frequently employ steel as one of our main building materials. Metal buildings, as we refer to them, are typically made using it. For this reason, you might know of the term “steel metal building” in regards to skyscrapers and high-rises. The two aren’t identical however. Technically, you should not use them interchangeably.

What separates the two?

metal sheets
New building with curved metal roof

With that in mind, let’s go over the differences. Metals are chemical elements of numerous lustrous, ductile, fusible, and opaque substances. Examples of metals include nickel, copper, and titanium.

As for steel, it is an alloy of iron that has differing quantities of carbon. Being an alloy, steel is not a pure element. Because of this, it technically isn’t a metal. Rather, it is a variation on one. It is slightly composed of a metal, which is iron. However, there is non-metal carbon in its chemical make-up. This stops it from being a pure metal.

At Peter Wragge Supplies, our metal sheets include a range of aluminium and steel corrugated designs. There is also fibre cement in box profile designs that you can use.

If you are having trouble deciding between them, speak to us. We will help you to make the correct choices and then place an order for you.