Set your project up for success with high grade corrugated sheets

Corrugated sheets are popular with homeowners looking for a new roof. They are also perfect for people looking to complete industrial and agricultural projects. More and more buyers are becoming aware of the many benefits of a product like this. We look at some of these below so you can get a better idea of why you should use them.

Rot proof

This is a product that will not succumb to rot, unlike a lot of other options. When you install them, they will continue to look like new for years and also have great fire resistance. There are sheets on the market which even have a protective chemical coating that stops algae forming.


If you use corrugated sheets for roofing or siding they will last for many years, even decades. However, you will need to carry out some maintenance to keep it in good condition. Luckily this doesn’t take a lot of time or effort.

Strong but light

Sheeting like this is incredibly flexible and durable so many people enjoy using it. The light weight makes it easy to handle and install the sheets. This won’t put undue weight on your structure. You can cut them to size and when in place, they will look great.

Tough against weather conditions

corrugated sheets
Residential Barn Coversion in 14/3″ Corrugated sheets

This is a product that is durable, meaning it can handle all weather conditions. The sheets can cope with torrential rain, storms, hailstones, and frost or snow. Installation is easy and when done properly, it will provide your structure with effective protection.

We have a wide selection of products so that you can choose precisely what you need from us. Whether your project is small or large, Peter Wragge can help you.

If you would like any more information or advice about our corrugated sheets then get in touch with us. We supply people with various affordable yet high quality items, suitable for many different uses. Our expertise and hard work makes us the people you can turn to for the needs of your project.