Roofing your shed with corrugated sheets

We are a successful establishment that can supply building products for various projects. Our inventory includes corrugated roofing, insulation systems, tile form sheeting, and much more. You can rely on our goods because they all feature top tier materials. Plus, they are available for excellent prices to suit various budgets.

Corrugated roof sheets boast several practical properties and functional benefits. This makes them the ideal roofing solutions for all kinds of structures. For example, they are easy to install, last a long time, and are great for different roof shapes and sizes.

For the reasons above, DIYers and professionals across the globe use the sheeting. You can spot it in allotments and agricultural settings too. Some individuals even chose to use it for their shed roofs. Below we want to take a closer look at why it is a popular choice for these sheds.

A robust and durable solution

Garden sheds demand a durable and robust roof cover that is lightweight enough for the structure to endure. Corrugated roofing sheets are ideal here. Due to the profile, they can create a traditional appearance. In addition the shape can augment the impact resistance. It can also keep your shed’s contents safe from the weather. Such a sheet can potentially weight as little as 5kg too. Therefore, they are even suitable for light timber structures.

In regards to affordability, these sheets are among the most affordable roofing materials you can find. This is especially true for garden projects. With the right care and fitting, the sheeting can also last between 10 and 100 years. This means you won’t need to worry about repairs and replacements.

Keeping your current materials

You might be upgrading a shed felt roof and be using the corrugated sheets. If so, it may be possible to keep the current materials in position. Of course, this shall depend on the kind of roofing you are using and the condition of your present materials.

Felt it is often fitted underneath corrugated roofing. It functions as an insulation layer for your shed. If you currently have felt in place that is in decent condition, you can by-pass the re-felting phase and just lay the new sheeting over the top.

You may sadly be in a situation where your current shed roof cover needs replacing because it is old and leaking. With the sheets, you may not need to remove the current materials at all. Again you may be able to simply put the new sheeting over the top. If removal is necessary, it should be quick and easy.

Corrugated roofing in any quantity

At Peter Wragge Supplies, we have an impressive selection of roofing sheets. Our team is happy to offer any quantity of supplies, including small batches and bulk buys. In addition, we can deliver our merchandise to nearly anywhere in the UK.

So, please get in touch with us if you want to look at corrugated roofing. We can help you with all kinds of projects, and even offer suggestions if you are unsure of anything.